Atlas-Landy Rake


The Atlas-Landy Rake is designed to clean Bar Racks in many applications. The Rake consists of a carriage and a loose grab that runs along an overhead track or monorail. The grab is designed to self align with the bar rack as it descends. As it lowers, the grab cleans the bar rack and when it reaches bottom the grab will close hydraulically, after which the grab will be hoisted above the deck level. The grab will then be carried by the carriage to the dump site.


  • Cleans effectively from top to bottom.
  • The track can be equipped with curves enabling the approach of any dump area.
  • Reduce space required, no intermediate transportation required.
  • Variety of debris and large obstacles such as mattresses, tree trunks, and root systems can be removed.
  • Can be manual or fully automated (PLC)
  • Cost effective to install and retrofit to existing sites.
  • One unit is sufficient for multi-screen (rack) sites.
  • Absence of permanently submerged parts.


Generic Atlas-Landy Rake GA (Color) Generic Atlas-Landy Rake GA (Color) (208 KB)

Fish friendly seal

Fish Friendly

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