316B Compliant Traveling Water Screens


Our Modified Ristroph Fish Handling Traveling Water screens are currently being used around the country in both the Thru Flow design and Dual Flow design. We have demonstrated both in the Lab and in the field that our Fish Handling baskets reflect “Best Technology Available” (BTA). With our unequaled experience in the design and manufacturing of Screens we understand the operational demands that will be placed on the screens and have designed them to address these issues. We have designed our Fish handlings screens by addressing the maintenance issues we have come to understand from our over 30 years in this industry. We offer fine screening and coarse screening options on all style of screens.

We introduced our SmartScreen Technology® primarily to control every aspect of the screen design and operation. This is done by proper selection of screen design and screen components and by maximizing screen life by condition-based operation. This is accomplished by a real time automation system that is based on actual operating conditions of the screen such as differential pressures, screen speeds and seasonal events.

  • Tested and proven marine survival technology
  • Superior debris discharge capabilities
  • Engineered and manufactured to limit maintenance
  • Rugged heavy duty reliability
  • Outstanding factory support
  • American Made In the USA


SP10-318 SP10-318 (162 KB)

SmartScreen™ Technology SmartScreen™ Technology (1270 KB)

Fish Handling Flyer Fish Handling Flyer (3187 KB)

Fish friendly seal

Fish Friendly

Atlas realizes that all intakes are unique. Understanding water conditions; fish species and screening technology allows us to design screens that meet State and Government regulations concerning entrainment and impingement. Learn more